About us

The concept has been developed on the basis of fusion food and technique generated on the grounds of satisfying the customer for Taste, quality and freshness of the food. It would have a modern twist of serving customers which shall be succeeding on Quality, Quantity, and High Standard service.
La Rope is a unique Concept which is a one-stop to satisfy the diverse taste buds of the customer. Serving Fusion Food Like merger of Fresh Baked Breads with a touch of fresh style Mexican food and fusion of Asian and Arabic spices..
Important vision for the success rate of La Rope would be being a joint Targeting the youth and Family setting trends and serving unique taste and healthy food.
La Rope would also Specialize in the dessert section for catering to chocolate lovers and sweet tooth.
This identical vision will be a one-stop halt for the food lovers. Unique Up selling point of La Rope will be Customized menu upon the willingness of the customer keeping in mind we render most value to the guest..


To be Unique Trend setters, and Succeed on the grounds of Best Quality of food and Service delivered for the customer satisfaction.


La Rope to satisfy Customers with Quality Food and Service,
Cooked and Served with LOVE and CARE….

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